What is the difference between sewer and stormwater drainage?

We are often surprised that most households are not aware of the difference between their sewer drainage and their stormwater drainage.

So we have made it our number one priority for this month to inform our customers of the difference, and ensure that they know of the measures they can put in place to eliminate any plumbing problems in the future.

Sewer Drainage
The sewer drainage in your home is the system of underground pipes that carries your waste and sewerage from your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, sinks or other plumbing components in your home. It is then drained through to respective waste treatment plants where waste is then discharged into our waterways.

Stormwater Drainage
Stormwater drainage is any water which rains off a site due to rainfall. So, when we are talking about the stormwater drainage in your home, we are referring to stormwater as any rain which runs off your roofs, driveways, roads or pathways. This water then runs directly into our waterways and does not get filtered in the process.

Some important things to note when it comes to both your sewer and stormwater drainage:

§  It is essential that you do not pour chemicals down any drainage to relieve a blockage, as this can often make it much worse,

§  Keep stormwater drains clear of debris such as leaves or grass clippings,

§  Maintain leakages or burst pipes throughout your sewer drainage. If left unattended leaks can lead into much more serious problems. Such as requiring the excavation of your gardens or driveway, making simple drainage maintenance a costly measure, and

§  Always contact a plumber if you think they may be an issue with your sewer or stormwater drainage, we can provide expert advice and superior services to ensure we get to the bottom of every plumbing problem you may be experiencing throughout your home.

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