13 Smart Shower Gadgets on a Budget

After a long day at work, the only thing you think of is probably a relaxing shower. However, it’s a little bit boring to adjust the shower water temperature and get it ready. If you like to drink a cup of coffee while waiting for the hot water, or watch your favorite TV shows in the shower, then you should try some smart shower gadgets to maintain your peace for a long time even in the shower. 

Also, you can save water while enjoying the shower. From smart showerheads to Bluetooth speakers, you can find all the devices that’ll bring you a new shower experience in this list.

1. iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Do you turn into a singer in the shower? Then embrace your inner rockstar and let him/her keep singing under the streaming shower. This iFox waterproof Bluetooth speaker will boost your mood in the shower with your favorite songs. Also, if you receive a call, you don’t need to use your hands to answer. Just use the handy speakerphone function.

2. DreamSpa Shower Head

Taking a shower has never been such exciting. Turn your shower experience to fun with vibrant LED lights that change color with water temperature. It makes the bathroom lights unnecessary, so you’ll save money while enjoying the shower.

It includes 5 settings: rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain, and water-saving pause. LED lights are powered by running water, no batteries are needed. 

3. Kohler Digital Shower Interface

Switch between the components in the shower. From a showerhead to a hand shower with the push of a button, it’s just that simple. You can orchestrate temperature and control every aspect of your shower with your fingertips. Also, it creates a clean and simple bathroom look. 

4. Moen Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller

Control your shower with your voice. This Moen bathroom controller is compatible with Alexa, so you can ask Alexa to remotely activate your shower. Set your settings and save them for the perfect shower every time. 

The wall-mounted digital controller features a five-inch, non-touch, easy-to-read LCD screen that provides feedback on the shower status through on-screen messaging and notifications.

5. dretec Shower Timer

You’re stuck in the shower and can’t leave it, right?

If you want to save your money and time, you can use this waterproof shower timer to not waste too much time in the shower. Maybe you can’t stop using too much soap, but you can reduce your water usage. 

6. Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

Don’t let your inspirational ideas down the drain. Almost everyone thinks the things that they need to do when they’re in the shower, but can’t keep them in mind because they don’t have a phone or notepad with them.

To not forget your ideas, responsibilities, and needs, you can write them on this waterproof notepad. You won’t leave your creative side in the shower from now on. 

7. Amadear Underwater Bath Light

If you feel like it’s party time when you’re in the shower, then you’re right. You can bring the party to the shower with the underwater lights. Turn your shower into a disco floor. It’ll suddenly change the ambiance of your bathroom, make you feel like you’re in a pool-party. 

8. Fyeer Mounted Shower Head

Who doesn’t want a high-quality shower head with LED lights? It makes you feel like you’re under a rain waterfall and gives you a relaxing shower experience. The showerhead is big enough for a couple to shower together. LED lights change color according to the water temperature. They’re powered by water flow, so don’t need an electrical connection.

9. SparkPod Shower Head High-Pressure Rain

You can bring the waterfall energy to your bathroom. With the high-pressure water, feel the tension all over your body. You’ll want to stay under the shower all day long. Also, a hot powerful shower helps to nourish your skin, so clean your pores by opening them up in a nice relaxing shower.

10. ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror

The shatterproof patented fogless shave mirror with a squeegee is designed to mount firmly to your shower wall, so that you may look your best every day by taking care of your face. It has a built-in shelf to keep razors, sponges, or tweezers. It also effortlessly mounts to any shower wall surface with a powerful and water-resistant double-sided tape without any damage to tiles or shower walls. No more unreliable suction cups falling off the wall thanks to the easy, secure attachment!

11. Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor

Flume’s smart water monitoring technology makes paying your ordinary water bill a breeze. Flume sends detailed water consumption insight data directly to your smartphone, keeping you up to date at all times; it’s time to temove the guesswork from your water usage and take charge of reducing waste and conserving water! Flume enables you to take control of your water usage while also preserving the environment and your wallet. Make water-use budgets that include smart alarms to warn you of potential leaks and waste. Flume has helped consumers save 10-20% on their monthly water bill on average. 

12. CXUKUN Wall Mount Shower Phone Holder 

You can control volume, change music, play games, and surf through the headlines while in the shower or bath, thanks to the sensitive 0.009 inch (0.25 mm) flexible touch screen. The clarity of the phone screen will not be affected by the fog which occurs during the bath, you can enjoy audio and video entertainment in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and other areas at all times. The “waterproof box” provides effective sealing protection whether it is splashing, overflowing, or entirely submerged. The silicone seal will give 100 percent waterproof protection while maintaining sound quality.

13. ANNER Waterproof Shower Radio 

Aner’s compact design with volume control knob and built-in speaker to make your shower more enjoyable. It allows you to relax while bathing by listening to music and the news. You can also listen to your favorite radio shows, and don’t miss out on anything. It is simple to place on the sink or bathroom rack and it does not take up much space. It features multi-band coverage, automatic search signal, clear voice, strong signal while ensuring long-term use because of its Fireproof ABS material and UV treatment, which makes it scratch-resistant. It has the ability to receive over 20 FM/AM radio stations. You can choose your favorite radio station with ease.

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