Influencing Factors in Architectural Visualization

There are many factors that influence the architectural Visualization for each Architect, however, there are main points, that many specialists agreed on, are the most influencing factors in this field which are:


It is an important factor that identifies a building’s shape and influences the amount of materials that are used in building operation, according to soil type and atmosphere around the building that differs from place to place and from building to another. For instance, there are Architects specialized in sports buildings that need special conceptualization and Environment that differ clearly in Anfield Liverpool stadium in the United Kingdom and Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. This difference is not only due to environmental status and climate but also to the Architect’s imagination.

Architect’s Imagination

It’s the most important factor that influences in Architectural visualization and distinct buildings from others. Architect’s identity plays a vital role in visualization
There are some things that give architects new ideas to add it to his imagination such as interests and hobbies like dealing with different categories, visiting shows and previous experiences.
This appears clearly in the styles of East Asian buildings like in Japan, Korea, and China. In addition to, the colonial architecture style in both North and South Americas.

Previous styles

Although technology has advanced widely in Architectural design, Architects still benefit from previous styles after modifying and evolving them. It helps Architects in Architecture visualization and create new ideas which appear in design when they get the final results.


It plays a vital role in Architectural visualization because it describes faults in design before execution and create a better final result. though it is considered to be a dispute between specialists in the procedure, It contributes in Architectural visualization development.

Artistic Touch

Artistic touch is the simplest part of the process, but It is also one of the most important and gives splendor to the buildings. It includes all interior and exterior design sides such shapes, widths, heights, in addition to decorative sides like colors.

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