What are the Different Components of Construction Drawings?

Construction drawings are the most important part of any construction project. These drawings are vital for the commencement of construction phase in building design. Construction drawings are orthographic projections and are basically meant to be used for construction purposes because of their detailed formation or elements available. Orthographic projections are largely used by architectural contractors, engineers, and the construction companies.

Detailed description of construction drawings

Location drawings: Location drawings generally cover the drawings and descriptions of the basic elements of a location proposed for a construction project. The important elements covered under these drawings are floor plans, site plans, elevations and road layouts.

·         Site plan: The site plan includes the detail description of an area or site specifically proposed for the construction project. It describes the layouts of various aspects such as the location of the building considering the important surrounding features, indicates the roads layouts, and walkways.  It also provides the layouts for drainage, gardening area, fencing and walls etc related to the project in question.

·         Floor plan: Floor plans basically deal with the placements of various sections in a floor such as locations of rooms, washrooms, kitchen, stairs etc. It helps the architects and engineers to form further planning based on it.

·         Elevations: Elevations basically define the exterior look or view of a building. It throws light on how the building will look from outside once it is built or constructed.

Foundation plan: Foundation plan is somewhat similar to floor plan the only difference is it deals with the basic foundation of a building and also highlights areas like basement of a building.

Assembly drawings: Assembly drawings are the drawings of subsections of a whole item. It is largely used in mechanical drawings wherein different parts of a machine are drawn. While creating a machine different parts are created first, and then assembled together. So assembly drawings are created to show these different parts of an object

Sections: Section drawings help in showing the inside of a wall, stair and cabinet etc. This is normally done to understand the technicalities of the construction process.

Electrical plan: Electrical plan deals with the location of the electrical wiring system, placement of switches, bulbs etc. It is considered one of the most important parts of construction drawings.

Plumbing plan: It shows the location and placements of plumbing fixtures, arrangement of water pipes etc.

Mechanical Plan: The mechanical plan shows the location of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system in the building. This step is also considered very important when it comes to construction drawings.

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