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The cover page, also known as title page, is the first and front page of the book, report, business proposals, magazines, any other document. It is an important part of the document as it gives the introductory information regarding what the document is about as well as who has written it.

It basically gives a reflection of the whole document and what is contained in it. The cover page helps the reader in deciding whether the document is of interest to him or not. In addition, the cover page is also important because it sets the first impression on whoever glances at the document.

The cover page of the report gives the ‘Big Idea’ of what the report is about as it states the report’s title. It should be clear, professional, formal and appropriate for the topic or area covered in the report. The cover page of the report varies slightly based on the formatting style (such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.) that is being used by the report. However, the main information included is:

  •  Title of the report.
  • Subtitle if any.
  • Author and co-authors.
  • Details of the authors such as title, email, contact, etc.
  • Submission place such as the name of institute, organization, journal, publisher, etc.
  • Company logo or any other image if any.
  • Date of report.
  • Header if any.
  • A brief summary of the report.

The information required on the cover page depends on the type of report being written. For instance, for an academic report, the instructor might provide specific instructions for the cover page. However, for other reports, a catchy cover page might be an important part of the overall presentation of the report.

The cover page is designed based on the information that is to be included. Sometimes the authors opt for the available cover page templates or designs and sometimes they design their own. The main advantage for the author of using the available templates or designs is the time that is being saved.

The available templates, usually designed in MS Word, are easily available and downloadable. They are pre-formatted, easy to update and customize and hence the author can change them according to his requirements.

The designs or templates in MS Word are attractive and catchy so that a good impression of the report can be made by using an appealing cover page. Therefore, when designing a cover page or selecting a template, the following things should be kept in mind:

  • Purpose of the report
  • Images that are being included if any.
  • Compelling title and subtitle (if any).
  • Overall layout and presentation.
  • Summary content.

Making the selection of a cover page is important especially in the business world. As the reader firstly glances at the cover page, it usually makes an impression on his mind whether the report would be worth attention. Therefore, the right choice of the cover page template is critical as the success of the report is, somehow, dependent on it.


A catchy combination of deep and bright red on the lighter base color is the first cover page we have to offer. This cover page has a unique look to it. It basically divides the whole page into sections. The top area is for any heading that the user may wish to tell the viewer. This is the best way to highlight the main point. The second part of the page steals the show as it bears the title of the cover page in a prominent font style and size. Any detail account can follow the title.


The black base gives this cover photo a bold look. A very few people usually opt such dark cover page but trust us; it has its own grace. You can’t deny the fact that black never disappoints, does it? To give it some colors, shades of orange color are used in places. Overall, this report cover page has its own impact and impression. This can be used for all the professional reports without any question. Title of the cover page will be the most prominent feature here. The user can add any type of detail just below the title.


This is one of the most downloaded reports cover page we have in this category. The reason being the professional look it has to offer. White can never disappoint when it comes to business documents. The image and the border used and the color used for it enhances the overall feeling. Another unique aspect that it has is that the cover page title is placed at the bottom along with space for general details while the top space is fixed for the heading and contact information. So this cover page is not very textual rather, it is pictorial.


A very unique and innovative design is on our list of the report cover pages. If you take a note of this design, it has many shades of blue in it, which gives it amazing and the coolest look possible. The top of the page is for the title of the cover page. Headline along with necessary details will go in the space in the middle of the page. This gives the much-needed attention to this detail. The bottom of the page has another text box for some heading if the user wishes to communicate something important to the viewer.


The last cover of our amazing list is a masterpiece in its own unique way. This design is like no other in the list. This special cover is divided into distinct two parts. The lower portion is dyed in deep red color which is giving it a life for sure. The upper plain portion is for the title of the page and any contact detail that the company may wish to give. The lower colored part bears all the major and minor details that need to be put on a report cover page. This cover page has an organized look and feels to it which will create the same impression about the report itself.

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