Types of Supports for Loads Roller, Hinge, Fixed

Roller Supports

Roller supports are free to rotate and translate along the surface upon which the roller rests. The surface may be horizontal, vertical or slopped at any angle. Roller supports are commonly located at one end of long bridges in the form of bearing pads. This support allows bridge structure to expand and contract with temperature changes and without this expansion the forces can fracture the supports at the banks. This support cannot provide resistance to lateral forces. Roller support is also used in frame cranes in heavy industries as shown in figure, the support can move towards left, right and rotate by resisting vertical loads thus a heavy load can be shifted from one place to another horizontally.

Hinge Supports

The hinge support is capable of resisting forces acting in any direction of the plane. This support does not provide any resistance to rotation. The horizontal and vertical component of reaction can be determined using equation of equilibrium. Hinge support may also be used in three hinged arched bridges at the banks supports while at the center internal hinge is introduced. It is also used in doors to produce only rotation in a door. Hinge support reduces sensitivity to earthquake.

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