Plumbing drawing

A plumbing drawing is a type of technical drawing that provides visual representation and information relating to a plumbing system. It is used to convey the engineering design to plumbers or other workers who will use them to help install the plumbing system.

A plumbing drawing is used to show clearly the location of fixtures, sanitaryware, pipework, valves and so on, and illustrates how fresh water is to be supplied into a building and waste water removed. To illustrate the separate hot and cold water supply, the pipe runs will usually be coloured red and blue respectively. Drainage pipes should be illustrated with the grade (slope) indicated. Where manholes are included, a manhole schedule should detail the name, invert level, cover level, and depth.

Plumbing can also be detailed as a shop drawing, in which the pre-fabricated components are shown in terms of how they will be connected, interlink, and so on.

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