What is a Window and Door Schedule in Home Plans?

A window and door schedule in a home build plan is the plan for when these items are scheduled to be installed. Window and door schedules are essential when planning a building project for your home in order to ensure their proper installation and fit in the overall house building plan.

The Basis for a Window and Door Schedule

Window and door schedules are set based on the timing of other design elements in the house plan such as framing for walls, the doors and windows and other associated work. Having a schedule for windows and doors in the home plan helps with project management and the process necessary to reduce building costs and complete the home build.

How Window and Door Schedules are Expressed

A home plan explicitly expresses the timing or schedule needed to install windows and doors as well as set forth the way in which the items need to be included in the home construction. This includes all relevant dimensions and building code requirements for the windows and doors and the information that the builder needs to properly include them. This guidance is helpful to the builder and the building process.

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