Interior Design Fittings and Fixtures

This introduction to interior design fittings and fixtures for home decorators and DIY is to get you thinking about the subject of interior design and all the items that you may come accross as you go through the home and make design decisions for yourself or others.

Fittings – an outline of things to think about before selecting fittings and fixtures for home decorating.

Additional pages will feature the different fittings and fixtures available from bathroom, plumbing, locks, hinges, mirrors, glue and fixings and break them down into memorable sizes so that you will remember the basics of all these items.

Fixings – details screws, glues, nuts and bolts and when to use them.

The Basics & Screws where to use screws and bolts.

Bolts types of bolts

Nails The different types of nails

Miscellaneous fixings

Glues some types of glue

Locks – definitions of door and window locks.

Butt Hinge

After viewing these, we believe we can make you a more detailed designer and your interior decorating projects will be one step above your competition.

This information covers all the items in a home that can be fitted or fixed.

Types of electrical switches and power outlets

Bathroom fittings

There are hundreds of items that we use everyday and take for granted, often forgetting to allow for them when planning. They can cause budget upsets at the end of a project when you realize that you have forgotten to select and allow for the door handles for example.

The same can be said for toilet roll holders and towel rails.

We all use them but because they are not part of the main construction documentation they are often overlooked.

The simple art of selecting faucets and spouts so that the water actually reaches the basin. You would not believe some of the things we see as designers, a few simple measurements will ensure that the water does not flow straight down the plug hole or another is when you turn on the faucet the water pressure is so high that it hits the basin and jumps out at you and wets your clothing, very embarrasing as a guest in a home. I have done this so often, a different faucet would have made all the difference.

The fittings and fixtures on this web site will be detailed and defined illustrating the different types and the services that they relate to, so get started and begin learning about all those little fittings and fixtures that combine to make a successful interior design for your home or your client’s.

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