How to Calculate Number of Riser and Treads of Staircase?

This looks like a simple calculation but believe us there is more demolition than perfect construction of staircase. Even though we do the perfect calculation of rise and tread the way of implementation is most important one.

If you have missed half a milli in some steps that will add up and become major errors on a staircase. In order to rectify that error either you have to demolish and reconstruct the entire staircase steps or you’ve to raise the floor height entirely on top which leaves a big hole in your pocket or maybe in project cost.

Without further due let’s get started.

Staircase Sectional Drawing

Be Familiar with the below drawing.

From the Diagram,

Tread – It is the horizontal space where we will rest the foot while climbing.

Rise – It is the vertical height between the risers.

Total Stair Tread or Total Run – It is the total horizontal length between two landing platforms. Please refer the figure.

Total Stair Rise – Height between the two landings

In this post, we are going to take the above simple staircase without landing as an example

Points to be Considered while calculating Rise and Tread

Before starting please make the below assumptions


·         The minimum height of the riser is 6” inches.

·         The minimum tread width is 10” inches.

Note – This is not a rule. According to the type of buildings, the riser height & tread width may increase or decrease.

For Example, In hospitals, the rise may be 5” because the staircase mostly utilized only by the ill or sick people where they have to climb without using their full energy. so the riser may be shortened for easy access. The tread also should be wider enough.

The reason we are providing 10” inches for tread is every person will wear a slipper which may be maximum 10” for an average adult person based on that we are making tread space as 10” inches minimum.

Tread and Rise Calculation

Staircase Calculation Formula is

Total Required Number of Risers = Total Stair Rise / Height of One Rise = 60” / 6” = 10 Riser

Total Required Number of Tread = Total Stair Tread or Run/ width of one Tread = 90” / 10” = 9 Tread.

Staircase Calculator

Please make use of the below calculator (Input the Values in Inches)


If you need to calculate in mm. Convert the length into inches using Google Conversion Tools

Height of One Riser (Inches)*

Width of One Tread (Inches)*

Total Stair Rise or Height between the landings (Inches)*

Total Stair Tread or Run (Inches)*

Required Number of Riser

Required Number of Tread

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