Water Storage And Distribution System In Buildings

Water storage and distribution is a provision to store and deliver water to the consumer with appropriate quality, quantity and pressure by public utilities, commercial organizations, community, endeavors or by individuals, usually by a system of pumps and pipes.

Storage of Water in Buildings- 
Storage tanks are an integral part of an Indirect Water Supply System.Storage of water in premises is required because water supply from Municipal Corporation is not available round the clock. Storage also helps us for fire demand and to provide smooth water supply in the building.
There are different types of storage tanks in the Buildings.

1- Elevated storage tank

2- Roof Top storage tank

3- Underground storage tank


When the water supply is available at sufficient pressure as to reach the water at the highest floor the overhead tank is used. In India most of the water supplies are limited to specific time so it is very necessary to use elevated tanks to meet the requirement of flushing of toilets. Many of the municipal corporation has made elevated tanks mandatory.


Plastic potable water tanks are made with FDA approved resins for safe drinking water storage. For rainwater collection, storage, and reuse, the rooftop plastic tank is a great option. These poly plastic tanks offers several advantages that help to equip the unit for use with water materials.


Underground storage tanks are used in those places where the pressure of main supply is not enough to reach overhead tank. In this case water is stored in underground tanks and then send to overhead tanks by installing pumps.

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