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Incorporating Aesthetics and Functionality With A Glass Balcony

The use of balustrades and balconies is nothing new. In fact, they have been used to enhance buildings in stylish and functional ways for literally thousands of years. Ancient palaces dating from more than five hundred years B.C., were often adorned with them. One can almost imagine the royalty of those bygone eras addressing their subjects from their balconies. Indeed, the same happens in our modern times as well.

Balconies are supported by balustrades on vertical supports and will contain railings and a handrail to prevent people or pets from falling off the edge. They usually protrude from the side of a building but can also be used around stairs as well, such as a stainless-steel staircase, for example, which can be constructed both inside and outside a home.

Glass Balconies, Juliette Balconies, & Frameless Glass Balustrades: How They’re Used and Constructed 

Nowadays, balconies are often constructed out of glass because of the aesthetic appeal, ease of care, and technological ability. A glass balcony is, without a doubt, a very attractive and practical way for a homeowner to improve the aesthetics and functionality of an outdoor area, whether it is a patio, deck, or garden space. They can be constructed with a glass canopy as well, which helps to protect the users from less than ideal weather conditions and also ensures they can be used and enjoyed more often. A fully enclosed glass balcony can serve as a sun room, allowing sunlight to stream into the space thereby further enhancing the appeal.

Of course, a glass balcony differs quite a bit from a standard Juliet balcony. These can really turn a boring facade into something very attractive indeed. As the name suggests, these balconies are often associated with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which is where they get their name from. In many instances they are constructed using steel balustrades, however, a frameless glass balustrade can make a big difference in the way the end result will look. It all depends on the form and style of the building in question.

glass balustrade can also make a really big difference to outdoor spaces, creating a beautiful place to entertain guests or simply as a place to relax. Having a glass balustrade installed is just one way to enhance an outdoor space; however there are other ways as well. For instance, creating an outdoor dining area is a great example of residential engineering that will not only improve the look of your home but the value of it as well. A glass balcony is a multi-purpose home investment improvement and is as small or as large as your budget and design goals permit. Whether a small space, such as a typical Juliet balcony or something larger, installing a balcony will ensure that you take full advantage of what your home and its surroundings have to offer. A larger glass balcony with a frameless glass balustrade can be used to entertain family and friends, as a quiet space when you need some alone time, or even used as a place to do arts and crafts.

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A Juliette balcony is somewhat different in that it does not protrude out from the building the way that a glass balcony or any type of balcony for that matter typically does. Instead, it is usually a part of an upper floor and will have a balustrade only at the front of it. A glass balustrade on this type of balcony can look extremely attractive, especially if it fits in with the overall design of the property.

You will find that frameless glass balustrades are not restricted by size and serve to further enhance a glass balcony a great deal. They can be constructed to incorporate doors that open onto the space allowing for easy traffic flow. Even a relatively small sized Juliet balcony can have doors leading onto it, with a handrail and railings. The design possibilities are seemingly endless.

A glass balcony or Juliette balcony can be made in different sizes, colours and even forms. They can be combined with different materials as well, such as wood, steel, stone, and so on. They can be further enhanced by combining them with a stainless-steel staircase or even a glass canopy. They can be made to suit almost any taste because they can be made to fit in with the design ideas you have in mind and with the existing design and surroundings of your property. Although a balustrades or balconies can be crafted from other types of materials, there is something to be said for those made entirely from glass. Only glass ones will permit sunlight to stream in, thereby adding an element that is sorely missed when only materials such as wood or stone are used.

When you choose to have a balcony installed you have the peace of mind knowing that they are built to last. Constructed from high-quality steel and glass, your glass balcony will be a testament to commercial engineering as well as your own personal vision. They are constructed to be able to withstand various extremes of weather, as well as to provide protection from injury for those using and enjoying them. Because they are resistant to fading they don’t require as much care and maintenance to keep them looking great for years to come.

Your glass balcony can be constructed using self-cleaning glass as well, which means you do not have to worry about ensuring that it remains an attractive addition to your home rather than becoming an eye-sore over time, or due to inclement weather conditions. Unlike using wood for your balustrade, it will not require treatment to keep it looking great.

Naturally, your balcony should blend in nicely with your surroundings and the form of the home. A glass balcony can be designed to enhance a formal or informal setting. An ordinary home can be made to look extraordinary by adding a Juliette balcony. It is all about using residential engineering to the best possible extent to improve the look, feel, functionality and value of your home.

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