Stainless Steel Staircase

Stainless Steel Staircase: An Ideal Solution for Homes And Businesses Alike

Do you want to add a touch of class in your multi-story home or at your multi-story business premises? Why not start with a high quality stainless steel staircase? Whether you opt for a plain stairway, or whether you opt for one which includes glass or chrome features, you will end up with durable staircase which requires virtually no maintenance at all.

Stainless steel staircases also look particularly good when they are accompanied by a framed or frameless glass balustrade. Obviously, if you do decide to go down this road, then it is always highly recommended that you enlist the services of a reliable engineering company.

These days, there are countless engineering companies operating in the United Kingdom, but many of them are typically only interested in relatively big contracts. While larger commercial engineering companies might agree to manufacture a stainless-steel staircase for your home, and even install it for you, they may not have plenty of residential engineering experience.

This could lead to two potential problems. To begin with, the price could be higher than it should be because they may very well use stainless steel which is essentially manufactured for heavy duty applications. The other problem could be that your choices are somewhat limited in terms of design and style.

The same sort of logic applies if you need a stainless-steel staircase for an industrial or commercial environment. In this case, a company that specializes in residential engineering probably won’t have the necessary knowhow or hands on experience. Obviously, a staircase in a commercial setting is likely to have far more foot traffic than a staircase in someone’s home, and of course this needs to be factored in during the initial design stage.

Industry-Wide Engineering Specialists

If you are willing to pay for quality, then it would definitely be worthwhile using an engineering company that has experience in most, if not all fields of engineering. MJS Engineering for example, are renowned for their expertise in several fields, including marine engineering, structural engineering, industrial engineering and etc.

We also have a very impressive residential and commercial engineering portfolio. Whether you want an elegantly designed stainless steel staircase, or whether you only want a very simplistic design, MJS Engineering can meet and even exceed your expectations. We employ some of the most experienced engineers in Britain, and all work undertaken by us is done in-house, using only the highest quality locally manufactured materials.

Locally Manufactured Stainless Steel

Contrary to what many people tend to believe, not all stainless steel is the same. Stainless steel is essentially a combination of different metals. What metals are combined, and in what quantities they are combined will depend the purpose for which the steel in intended. For example, the stainless steel used for manufacturing a staircase will be vastly different to the stainless steel used for manufacturing medical equipment for use in hospitals.

These different types of stainless steel are made by adjusting what one could call the recipe. Unfortunately, some of the metals used in the manufacturing process are quite costly, and as a result, some manufacturers try to cut costs by reducing the concentration of these metals. This inevitably results in a lower quality, and sadly, it is virtually impossible to tell if this is the case until it is too late.

Stainless steel imported from China is considerably cheaper than stainless steel manufactured in Great Britain, and there are a number of reasons for that. To begin with, labour in China is far cheaper than it is in the United Kingdom, and cheaper labor has an impact on the entire supply chain, from the mining of the metals, all the way through to the transport to foreign countries.

Over and above cheaper labour and lower corporate taxes, China’s stainless steel is almost always inferior to that which is manufactured locally in Britain. If your stainless-steel staircase is made from stainless steel which was imported from China, don’t expect it to still be corrosion free ten years down the line. You might end up being lucky, but there is a very real chance of you being bitterly disappointed when you start to see patches of rust starting to appear.

Regardless of where a stainless-steel staircase is going to be installed and regardless of how much wear and tear it is going to be subjected to, it should be able to live up to your expectations Stainless steel is after all meant to be maintenance free, and it is meant to be incredibly durable.

The Importance of Excellent Workmanship

If you are willing to pay for good quality stainless steel, then you should also be willing to pay for dependable workmanship. The world is full of qualified welders, and yet one frequently sees rust spots appearing along welds on stainless steel structures. If a welder genuinely does have experience with stainless steel, then this rust issue should never be a problem.

Apart from rust and possible breakages, there are also other things to consider when choosing an engineering firm for your stainless-steel staircase. A reputable engineering firm that hires experienced engineers can also help to keep costs down by way of design. These engineers will know exactly how to design a staircase or a stainless-steel balustrade with maximum strength while using the minimum amount of steel. They can also advise you on several other matters as well, such as safety features for example.

When it comes to residential engineering and commercial engineering, very few companies in the United Kingdom are able to compete with MJS Engineering. Whether you only need a stainless-steel staircase, or whether you want something like a stainless-steel balustrade, MJS Engineering is able to deliver the perfect solution with some of the most competitive prices imaginable. Every job we undertake is carried out by highly skilled employers, and no job is complete until it has been personally inspected by one of our chief engineers.

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