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Architectural engineering is one of the most important aspects of industrial engineering. Making highly efficient, modern, and aesthetically pleasing designs possible, it’s an aspect of engineering that is heavily used in both residential and commercial settings. Whenever you’re working on a project that features architectural design, three things need to come together perfectly to ensure a successful outcome. These three factors are the design itself, the fabrication of the design, and the implementation during the build stage. The fabrication of architectural designs is especially important because any mistake at this stage could cause serious setbacks for a project.

At MJS Engineering we have years of experience in architectural fabrication. Our team of professional engineers are experts in all areas of fabrication from casting and cutting steel for support structures, to producing complex pieces for both structural and vanity elements.

We can work with both residential and customers to develop innovative and effective designs to deal with any special requirements. We can collaborate from design concept all the way through to fabrication and installation. Alternatively, if you already have a design drawn up and just need to get it manufactured, we can do that as well.


One of the most important aspects of fabrication is completed before production even begins. Our expert design engineers utilise cutting edge CAD systems to develop 3D models of elements before they are produced. This allows our clients to get an idea of a completed project from an early stage. The accuracy of CAD design also means that we are able to eliminate flaws and design faults before an investment is made in production.

Another major benefit of using CAD is that we can easily accommodate design changes prior to starting production. This is particularly beneficial when clients are not 100% certain about how they want their architectural fabrication to look. A good concept on paper may not look so good in the real world. By using CAD, we can let our clients see exactly what the finished architectural fabrication will look like. If they are unhappy, they can ask for changes to the design. They also have the option to request a totally new design. The costs of doing this are clearly substantially less than having to scrap something that has already been built.

In production we move to the actual fabrication. Architectural fabrication is one of the most demanding types of industrial fabrication. These fabrications are often prominent aesthetic elements, so right from the start they need to be absolutely flawless. With our advanced methods of fabricating steel and other materials, we’re able to produce products of the highest quality. Using advanced machinery and the most skilled engineers we can ensure minimal deviations from design specs and measurements. Taking care in this stage to ensure that our fabrications are as close to the original design as possible means that they will fit and work perfectly when they are implemented in the final build.

Our architectural fabrications could range from complex steel/glass feature ceilings, to highly stylish stainless-steel balustrades. No matter what the requirements are of your project, MJS Engineering will ensure that our fabrications meet stringent quality standards, are produced from the finest materials, and will look amazing now and well into the future.

Eye-catching architectural fabrications are not just about aesthetic effect. They can also boost profits for commercial operations. Potential customers can make the final decision to buy a product or service for emotional reasons. That is why top retail outlets spend a lot of time and money on store design. The money spent on design is recouped many times over by the way in which it boosts spending.

Gaining the confidence of potential customers is key to winning their business. Dealing with them in a courteous and professional manner is obviously important, but there are other factors that may influence the final decision. For example, a potential client wishing to engage the services of a solicitor may make the final decision based on how good the solicitor’s office looks.

We all make subconscious or conscious decisions based on our perceptions. We like to deal with professionals who look the part, and we will often decline the services of those that do not fit our mental picture. An important factor in our decision-making process will be the surroundings in which we deal with the professional. Just as we would most likely avoid a badly dressed professional, we may be negatively influenced by a bland and boring office.

Stainless steel architectural fabrications can turn an ordinary looking office into one that potential customers will be immediately impressed by. That in turn will give the potential client a more positive impression of the service that the office provides, increasing the chances of winning the client’s business.

There are countless surveys that show how productivity is boosted when employees are happy in the workplace. Getting to a high level of happiness can be achieved in many different ways, not least by having a visually pleasing work environment. Using architectural fabrications can be a very cost-effective way of creating wonderful working areas that are both practical and appealing.

If you’re looking for fabrication engineers who have an eye for detail and a reputation for quality, MJS Engineering in Hampshire is the type of company that can deliver. Talk to us today and find out why customers all over the UK choose MJS.

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