Stair Nosing – What Is Its Purpose?

Many homeowners are often asking us what is the purpose of stair nosing and why should they spend money to invest on it. The answer is quite simple. Just try to walk up and down a staircase with a nosing fitted and then one without it. Which one feels safer for you and your family to walk on? Have you noticed the difference?

Stair nosing : Why should I spend money on it?

Stair nosing is being used at staircases for different purposes, and safety is definitely the number one reason but not the only. However, before we examine the reasons that make installation of stair nosing necessary, let us explain to you what it really is.

Definition of stair nosing:

Stair nosing as the name indicates, is a safe way to finish your wood or laminate flooring on your staircase, by hiding the edges of the wood flooring, where the two wood floors meet.

They are designed to blend in with your floor and to be safe. More detailed, they have a rebate in the top, so the top edge of the nosing lips over the wood fitted to the tread.

What is the purpose of stair nosing?

1. Stair nosing makes your staircase safer

Most of the staircases nowadays are fitted with a stair nosing, and you’ll find it quite difficult to walk on one without it, whether it’s a house or a business office. Why? Because it provides you with some extra space as you walk up and down the staircase.

In other words, it increases a bit the length of each stair, so you can step on it more comfortably. This automatically makes the staircase safer as it reduces the fall accidents and protects you from slipping as you walk up and down the stairs, especially when you are in a rush.

It is also important to mention, that in many commercial buildings today stair nosing has to be fitted by the law, or the staircase will not comply according to codes and regulations.

2. Stair nosing protects your stairs

Another reason worth fitting stair nosings, is the fact that they protect the stair edging from breaking or getting damaged in general. This can easily happen when someone will step with power on the edge of a wooden step.

3. Stair nosing helps to improve the visibility of wooden stair edges

According to numerous researches, many people get seriously injured on a yearly basis by falling from the stairs or by missing a step completely. By fitting stair nosings with alternative colouring you can easily avoid this happen to you or a member of your family. Their different colouring will provide you with a great support in improving visibility of each step. Installing stair nosing with bright colour in dark wood staircase for example will ensure your safety and at the same time it will make it easier to spot each step even when there is little light.

So if you have stairs at your home or your office we would highly recommend you to fit stair nosings in order to prevent injuries or accidents that occur as a result of missing a step.

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