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Transform the World Around You with A Glass Canopy

Canopies are a big part of modern day life. We see canopies erected on residential properties for a wide range of reasons; we see large sprawling canopies outside shopping malls; we see canopies on luxury cruise liners; in fact the list could go on and on. With so much demand, it is hardly surprising that we see such a tremendous amount of variety, both in design, and in the sort of material being used.

Perspex, Fiberglass and Plastic Canopies

Perspex canopies have been popular for many years, largely due to cost and durability. Perspex is easy to work with; it can easily be shaped to fit also any imaginable design, and of course it is relatively cheap. However, it does have one major drawback.

Over time, and particularly if it is exposed to a lot of direct sun, Perspex starts to become brittle. It also becomes discoloured, and it loses some of its transparency. Loss of transparency and discolouration might not be a big problem, and of course both these issues can be hidden by means of tinting or painting. Brittleness, on the other hand, cannot be prevented.

This can pose a serious problem, especially for the owners of commercial properties. For example, if a few members of the public get struck by a sheet of Perspex falling from an overhead canopy, the business owners could face very serious consequences.

Fiberglass and/or plastic canopies are no better either, other than the fact that they typically cost less. They are obviously a very lightweight option as well, which could of course help to reduce costs in terms of structural engineering because the support structure won’t have to support a great deal of weight.

The Advantages of a Glass Canopy

There is just no denying the fact that glass is the best available material for canopies, both in a residential environment, and in a commercial environment. Naturally, a glass canopy will cost more initially, but in the long run it might prove to be the cheapest option. After all, when you install a glass canopy, you are installing a canopy for life, providing it is manufactured and installed by a reputable company such as MJS Engineering.

These days one doesn’t only see glass balconies and frameless glass balustrades on commercial properties. Instead, many homeowners are now also opting for a glass balcony or a glass balustrade in order to enhance the visual appearance of the properties. Likewise, many modern homes have turned away from have garages, and instead, they simply have a parking area beneath a tinted glass canopy.

Finding a Suitable Engineering Firm

While glass is considerably tough and durable, it is not indestructible. For the most part, glass structures that are designed for single story residential properties can often be installed by almost any competent contractor. However, for multi-story condominiums and other high-rise buildings, incorporating glass structures in the design requires the expertise of highly experienced engineers.

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Glass in The Sky

A perfect example of glass and engineering coming together in perfect harmony would be the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai. This masterpiece of humanity stretches nearly one kilometre into the desert sky, and glass accounts for a very large percentage of the tower’s outer shell.

This building is subject to an almost unimaginable amount of stress caused by things such as wind. Even the slightest engineering flaw could result in countless sheets of glass imploding or exploding. The tower, which contains approximately 42,000 square meters of reflective glass was the biggest architectural challenge ever undertaken.

Glass in The Home

In times past, many double story homes have wooden staircases and wooden banisters and railings, but these days it’s a very different story. Many homeowners want their homes to represent a contemporary lifestyle; they want their homes to look both modern and unique.

People are increasing opting for things like a stainless-steel staircase and frameless glass balustrades. Many are also using glass in order to create purpose specific areas inside their homes, such as studies; dining areas; reading rooms and etc.

Glass is an incredibly versatile material, and modern technology has also allowed manufacturers to produce glass which is exceptionally strong. Over and above its practicality, glass also looks classy. Whether you opt for regular clear glass, or whether you opt for tinted glass for you canopy or balustrade, you can be sure it is going to look stylish.

Working with Residential Engineers

If you are planning on having a glass canopy installed, or any other sort of glass structure for that matter, our team of highly trained residential engineers can work with you from beginning to end in order to ensure a trouble-free experience. Our engineers can help with the design as well the installation.

Once the initial plans have been drawn up, our engineers will then determine sort of glass is needed, including things like thickness and etc. Once you are happy with their proposals, your framework will be manufactured on our company premises, while the glass will be sourced from one of our partner companies. Finally, installation will be completed, and then one of our inspectors will visit to inspect the job in person.

Commercial Engineering

For large businesses that require an expansive glass canopy, commercial engineering companies will be needed in order to design and fabricate the structures based on the needs of a client. With large scale projects, engineers will have to take several factors into consideration, including things such as shape, load bearing capabilities, and even viscosity data relating to the sort of glass which will be used for the canopy.

At MJS Engineering, we believe that no other company in the United Kingdom is better equipped than we are to design and construct glass canopies, both for residential purposes, as well as for commercial purposes. We use only the finest quality, locally produced materials, and all our engineers undergo extensive training, including a considerable amount of hands-on experience in the field.

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